Gavin Davis



Surgery of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Professor Gavin Davis is a leading Melbourne Neurosurgeon providing neurosurgical skill and expertise in the surgical treatment of many conditions of the Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerves, including:

• brain tumours
• brain aneurysms
• stereotactic craniotomy
• hydrocephalus
• endoscopic ventriculostomy
• peripheral nerve injuries, tumours and entrapments
• adult & child sports concussion
• trigeminal neuralgia
• hemifacial spasm
• cervical disc disease
• lumbar disc disease
• spinal cord tumours
Professor Davis is also qualified in the use of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (Fourth Edition), Spine and Nervous System, and is approved to perform Independent Medical Examinations.
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Evidence Based Management and Inappropriate Surgery

Many patients with pain, discomfort or disability are desperate to find a surgical “cure” for their problem. There are many practitioners who exploit this desperation, and offer patients treatments, including surgery, that is futile or inappropriate, has no basis in evidence, and exposes the patient to unnecessary risks and complications. Not infrequently, such treatments incur significant financial costs.

Evidence Based Management is the standard of care today. It requires treating practitioners to make treatment decisions based on published scientific evidence, and not just on “gut feel”. Many practitioners refuse to acknowledge that the treatment they offer some patients has no supporting evidence, and that they are performing unnecessary, futile, invasive treatment. These practitioners often feel uncomfortable “denying” a patient a procedure, because the patient is “desperate”, when, in actual fact, the practitioner is doing the patient a great service by not performing unnecessary surgery, saving the patient from risks and possible complications from surgery and anaesthesia.

Gavin Davis adheres strictly to the Evidence Based Surgery approach, and only offers patients surgery if it is absolutely indicated. Patients who would not benefit from surgery are referred for non-surgical treatments, thus avoiding the potential complications of surgery and anaesthesia.

Remember, in all cases it is not a matter of whether surgery
could be performed, but rather whether surgery should be performed.

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5th International Consensus Meeting on Concussion in Sport held in Berlin

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SCAT5, Child SCAT5 and the CRT5 (Concussion Recognition Tool 5)
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HeadCheck is an iPhone App for use by parents and coaches to help recognise the signs and symptoms of concussion in children and adolescents.

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